Business Process Management: Bizagi Workflow Solutions

Managing the processes within your business is essential to the livelihood of any institution. It is imperative to know at any given time where a particular order is in the process as well as where it is on the timeline. Bizagi is a software system that offers a simplified way to create and manage the...

On April 26, 2017February 21, 2018by

Why Are HP Printers So Popular?

HP Printers are known worldwide and the name is synonymous with quality. Previously being known as Hewlett-Packard, over the past few years they had a complete revamp of the brand along with improved products and services. Besides the quality aspect, why are they so popular? HP believes that they can create technology that makes life...

On April 26, 2017February 21, 2018by

Investing in Develop Printers For Business Efficiency

Businesses have to be on the ball when it comes to management and customer service. Although many people think that these two departments run independently of each other, the opposite is true. Management and customer service goes hand-in-hand so when your staff experience administrative problems due to printers and copiers, the delay can reflect badly...

On March 28, 2017February 21, 2018by

What Kyocera’s Multifunction Printers Can Do For Your Business

Offices are often filled with a lot of furniture, equipment and documents that take up much space. Consequently, owners want to manage the space in the office by using office equipment that has multiple functions. Kyocera’s Multifunction Printers are able to offer a solution to the space problem by combining a number of functions into...

On March 22, 2017February 21, 2018by

Copy Machines for the Modern Office

The modern office, whether it is a small or a large corporation, needs copy machines and managed print solutions. For a new business, it is essential to start off with a copy machine and printer in order to keep sufficient records from the beginning. Record keeping is generally not a priority for a new business...

On March 20, 2017February 21, 2018by

Printers: Environmentally Friendly Software

When you think of environmentally friendly products, software is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, the type of software you use can impact the efficiency of your business as well as the environment. Now that’s food for thought. One particular type of software that I want to focus on is called...

On March 13, 2017February 21, 2018by

The Benefits of Using Refurbished Printing Machines

When you start a business or are in need of a printing machine, the first thought is to get a new one. It’s all shiny and new but it has a weighty price tag; not to mention the cost of the accompanying toner cartridges. There is a more cost effective alternative, namely refurbished printing machines....

On March 6, 2017February 21, 2018by

Is the Fax Machine Still Needed?

We are in the era of modern technology where businesses are trying to reduce their paper usage and create a virtual paper trail online. It wasn’t too long ago when the humble fax machine was considered a modern marvel, though. Currently, it seems that we are in a transition phase where some businesses still rely...

On February 21, 2017February 21, 2018by
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