OKI Printing Solutions is a global business-to-business brand dedicated to creating professional printed communications products, applications and services which increase the efficiency of today’s businesses. From printers to faxes and multi-functional products through applications and services, OKI Printing Solutions has brought to market a range of incredibly fast and high performance machines that regularly win awards and beat the competition.

Today OKI Printing Solutions is a major player in the printer market and is totally dedicated to creating relevant, high performance products, applications and services to meet the individual in-house printing needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s businesses.

OKI Printing Solutions offers a portfolio of products that are specifically designed in response to the needs of the business customer. OKI Printing Solutions categorises its product ranges into five distinct segments: Serial Impact Dot Matrix (SIDM), Colour Non-Impact Printers (NIP), Mono NIP and Fax, and Multifunction Products (MFPs).

Smart Document Solutions

Save time and money with OKI by optimising your print and document workflow with a tailored service to meet the needs of any type or size of business or organisation.

With print and document related processes, there are often questions that go unanswered. For example, are you aware of the amount of avoidable printing that occurs in your organisation every day resulting in unnecessary costs? Or how much time is spent by you or your staff managing and maintaining your printer fleet when you could be focusing on your business?

Smart Managed Page Services

Smart Managed Page Services is a comprehensive and flexible service for smaller organisations that allows you to take control of your costs, providing savings across your printing function through managed resources and transparent financial visibility.

OKI will work with you to identify the print and document requirements of your business. We will recommend the right printing device and a tailored all-inclusive printing plan that covers all your consumables and servicing, improving productivity in the workplace.

Smart Managed Print Services

Identifying your hidden costs can be a difficult task in complex organisations. Smart Managed Print Services is a print optimisation and management service which improves productivity and cost efficiency in the workplace, whilst significantly reducing your costs.

OKI aims to drive down your short, medium and long term costs from an investment and operational perspective, increasing the efficiency of your devices, whilst also reducing your printing and impact on the environment.


40ppm Colour, 40ppm Mono

Up to 10,000 pages/month


CMY – 11 500 Pages

K – 15 000 Pages

Drums CMYK – 30 000 Pages


35ppm colour/mono; A3: 20ppm colour/mono

Up to 10,000 pages/month


CMY – 7 300 Pages

K – 7 000 Pages

CMY -10 000 Pages

K – 15 000 Pages

Drums CMYK – 30 000 Pages

OKI ES9160

ES9160: 35ppm Colour, 35ppm Mono

ES9170: 45ppm Colour, 45ppm Mono


Black – 43 900 Pages

Duty Cycle Up to 35,000 pages/month


40ppm (c), 40ppm (m)

Duty Cycle Up to – 30 000 pages/month


11.5K Toner Y

11.5K Toner M

11.5K Toner C

15K Toner K

Unbelievable Colour Print quality @ Affordable Pricing.