Offices are often filled with a lot of furniture, equipment and documents that take up much space. Consequently, owners want to manage the space in the office by using office equipment that has multiple functions. Kyocera’s Multifunction Printers are able to offer a solution to the space problem by combining a number of functions into one unit.

Kyocera’s Multifunction Printers offer a number of functions that are necessary for any business. In the All-In-One devices it combines printing, copying and scanning in one unit. In certain units you will find an additional function, namely faxing. For businesses that have a space issue, Kyocera’s Multifunction Printers take up the space of a printer, a copier and a scanner (and sometimes a fax machine too). One unit replaces four separate pieces of equipment.

Kyocera’s Multifunction Printers increase the productivity of your business. These units are manufactured to warm up quickly. They also have a large memory capacity as standard so that it can handle a wide range of documents whether it is in black and white or colour, text, graphics, photos, or all of the aforementioned. So whether two or three staff members click print in quick succession, it will be immediately stored in the memory and will print as soon as the previous document is completed. It is also designed to print very quickly thus saving time and allowing your staff to concentrate on other aspects of the business. The smallest unit is able to print 18 pages per minute and the largest unit can print 80 pages per minute. There’s less time waiting for pages to print and more time available to be productive elsewhere. If your staff members print a lot of documents on a daily basis then perhaps one of the larger units will be more beneficial for your business. It’s best to determine your business outputs when deciding on which of Kyocera’s Multifunction Printers to choose from.

They are robust and durable machines. They are manufactured with ceramic materials which create long lasting components on the inside of each device. This ceramic technology allows these units to stand the test of time so you don’t have to be concerned with regular breakdowns. Rather, you can be reassured of consistent output that will last for a long time.

There is quite a lot that the Kyocera’s Multifunction Printers can do for your business. It can increase the productivity of your business, save space in your office, and is able to stand the test of time. Therefore it is clear to see the positive impact these devices can have on your business.

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