Managing the processes within your business is essential to the livelihood of any institution. It is imperative to know at any given time where a particular order is in the process as well as where it is on the timeline. Bizagi is a software system that offers a simplified way to create and manage the process workflow for businesses.

With Bizagi Process Modelling you can design, document, execute and evolve your process model. It gives you the freedom to create your own process workflow solution based on your business model. It is designed with drag and drop functions and automatic document generation tools that are easy to use and create a seamless experience. You can draw a process diagram then publish in Word or PDF and share it with other members in the organisation. You can work with the team and chat with them via Bizagi while editing the process diagram. You can track how a particular change in the beginning of the process can influence the rest of the value chain. Thereafter you can use Bizagi Studio to convert your process map to an app without any coding. Each business has its own workflow process and with this system you can design a customised process that suits your business.

It also comes with code-free updates and you don’t need technical knowledge to use this workflow solution. It doesn’t take a technical genius to use this system, the information during set up is quite straightforward and there are clear guidelines to assist you along the way. If you get stuck you can go back and use the guideline prompts. This is ideal for small to medium businesses that don’t have a technical support team on their premises. Plus there are a lot of resources in terms of support, blogs and videos that can assist you.

For large enterprises, you can run Bizagi enterprise-wide. Bizagi Engine is an extension of the workflow solution that is able to execute and control the business processes that are automated by Bizagi Studio. In other words, you update the system once and it changes everywhere. Within an enterprise this system optimises the workload throughout the value chain. In addition, there is a multi-language portal that makes it easier for everyone within an enterprise to understand each other, whether they span across continents or not.

Bizagi is a complete workflow solution that gives you freedom in creating your own process maps and apps to control the flow of ideas within a business.

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