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Storage and Retrieval 300pxFind any document instantly

Store all of your electronic and scanned documentation in a secure, electronic repository that is accessible anywhere and at any time. Documents can easily be organized and shared among employees and clients with a flexible folder taxonomy and collaboration features

Routing and Workflow 300pxStreamline processes with automated routing and a rule-based workflow

PaperTrail gives authorized users the ability to forward or route documents easily to individuals or groups of users, making collaboration more efficient and effective. Administrators may also establish sequential routes or rule-based workflows to facilitate document-processing speed and escalation procedures, automatically routing documents to the correct user for processing, or seamlessly export data to external systems. Rules and workflows are easily established using a simple administration console or graphical workflow designer.

Group Email 300pxManage large volumes of customer emails in a team environment

Import emails automatically from POP and IMAP compliant email servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus. Imported emails can be distributed to team members for processing without the headache of group mails boxes. Send replies from within PaperTrail to track all correspondence together. Replies are automatically threaded under a single item

eForms 300pxAutomate collection of data and gathering approvals

Collect unlimited data while improving processing times, accelerating approval cycles and minimizing paperwork. Expedite claims processing with faster, automated calculations and validations to ensure personnel remain focused on more important business. Electronic forms can offer a more secure alternative to paper filing systems, which are vulnerable to loss. PaperTrail supports electronic and biometric signatures, automated look-ups, custom form design and PDF output for printing or email routing.

Bulk Capture and OCR 300px

Reduce or entirely eliminate the need for manual data entry

Using PaperTrail’s broad range of capture solutions, organizations can automate and expedite processes for bulk and online capture, image enhancement, and full-page or zonal optical character recognition (OCR). Flexible PaperTrail Capture solutions provide for accurate form and barcode recognition along with automated or manual page separation. Using PaperTrail, users can also create scanned PDF images that are fully text searchable without ever compromising the integrity of the image itself. With PDF image files fully searchable by keyword, employees spend less time searching for data and more time analyzing the data retrieved.

Records Management 300pxComply with even the strictest government and corporate regulations

Maintain electronic records in accordance with ICA, ISO, and NARS standards. PaperTrail provides an easy-to-use system to help any organization or government department capture, organize and retrieve digital and physical records. PaperTrail ensures that retention periods and disposal instructions comply with applicable laws and policies

Security 300pxSecure your documents from internal and external threats

Give administrators absolute control over who may access documentation and information stored in PaperTrail, with permissions that can be applied on the folder, document and index levels. Ensure each authorized user’s true identity is authenticated at the time of log-in, using the latest technology and processes. Gain the peace-of-mind in knowing access may be easily granted, modified or withdrawn at any time – instantly.

pdf-pageFacilitate the distribution and viewing of all document types

PaperTrail can automatically convert common office documents to PDF to simply distribution and viewing. PDF documents can also be previewed in an advanced Flash Previewer that does not rely on any application being installed on client machines. Users are also able to perform common tasks efficiently such as splitting, merging, rotating, watermarking or signing PDF documents within PaperTrail without the need for separate desktop software.

MobileAccess your documents anywhere from a mobile device

Mobilize your workforce while ensuring peak productivity in the field or on the road. The PaperTrail mobile app provides access to all your documents via iOS or Android devices. Keep back-office and field service personnel in sync with immediate mobile access to information. Search for and retrieve business-critical information on-the-spot using any compatible mobile device. PaperTrail even provides viewing access for actual documentation – with images and signatures – right from your mobile screen.

Desktop SyncSynchronize your documents for offline access and simplified use.

Enjoy seamless and automated synchronization between select local folders on your hard drive and PaperTrail. The Desktop Agent runs in the background whenever your computer is turned on, uploading scanned images, My Document folders and scheduled backups

Reports 300pxReport on the productivity of users and quickly identify exceptions

Generate print-ready reports on historical data whenever needed. Design and save reports using standard or custom templates based on your unique business model for comparison or auditing purposes. Provide decision-makers with the facts and figures they need to instantly track and analyze trends, assess results, and determine needs. Reporting features significantly reduce the time involved in manually gathering data points and organizing information.

Digital Signature 300pxSign and seal key documents with a visual representation

Promote good governance, mitigate risk, and protect your bottom line with PaperTrail. Using Class 4 SAPO digital certificates, PaperTrail delivers one of the highest levels of electronic document storage security available in South Africa. Trust your business-critical documents to authentication that is fully guaranteed by SAPO, one of the foremost technology providers and the South African government’s preferred PKI source platform.

Biometrix 300pxDigitize existing signature processes without the need for Digital Signature

Expedite approvals while giving approving parties greater security than if sending a written signature scan. Biometric, or handwritten, signatures are growing increasingly more common for electronic form submissions and deliver the same legal protections as do traditional signatures. Use biometric signatures to reduce delivery, printing and faxing costs. Electronic signatures move information more quickly while eliminating data corruption caused by unreadable fax transmissions.

Cloud 300pxDeploy in all environments and meet any availability requirement

PaperTrail comes in three formats to meet individual company’s requirements. Choose from cloud, on-premise or packaged hardware options. PaperTrail users gain flexible deployment options that allow for high availability and distributed modes of operation. Enjoy simplified user management with Active Directory integration, without the need to maintain multiple passwords. With PaperTrail, users are automatically and securely logged in behind-the-scenes.

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