All printers and copiers have their own unique features that make the printing process easier. Here are some of the best printer models that we’ve assessed.

  • Develop

Not only is the Develop model ergonomic but it also has fast printing properties for your convenience. Many models of this brand have the ability to print on smaller and larger size paper than the original default size. This range of printers also has the ability to automatically print on both sides, in other words it offers duplex printing. In addition you can print on different types of paper such as glossy and photographic paper. 

  • Kyocera

This multifunctional printer is perfect for any business and home. The Kyocera is able to print on different sized paper including A4 and A3. It allows the business to be more productive and spend less money on ink cartridges. The printing process is quite quick with the new laser jet printing function.


  • HP

HP is a well-known printer brand. It is also known as one of the best printers for businesses. HP makes both cartridge models as well as the amazing and practical laser jet models. The picture that gets produced from the HP is perfect and worthy enough for a photograph. The detail that gets printed by one of these machines is incredible.


  • OKI

OKI doesn’t only make the printers but also the software to make the work environment more productive. These often come as wireless appliances with laser printing software and components. With the OKI range you can choose what size paper to use. An A3 paper option allows twenty pages to be printed per minute where the A4 paper option allows forty pages per minute.


  • Ricoh

Ricoh is nominated as one of the best brands when it comes to printers and copiers. This brand is able to produce 135 sheets of paper per minute and is capable of duplex printing. The scanning quality is 200 dpi or dots per inch meaning it has impeccable attention to detail. The Ricoh range often becomes a refurbished printer because of how reusable it is. The quality does not get tainted over time and allows maximum productivity in the work area.It is important to get the most practical machine for the workspace to allow the employees to be as productive as possible. Modern printers are the way of the future and it would be wise to get the best software and hardware to make the job easier.