The world we live in today requires us to have basic knowledge of every item we own. Electronics is no different. Electronics have become costly fix because of the cost of parts. Between fixing an old printer and buying a new one, which would be cheaper?

The first step to finding the problem with your printer is to use the troubleshoot function which is built into your computer. Usually, if the hardware of the machine is working it means that there is a problem with the software or connection between your computer and the printer.

Hardware problems are difficult to fix on your own as you need proper knowledge of the components. If the printer does not work that means that there could be an issue with the power supply. This might include the cord or the part inside the machine. A multimeter is required for this part to see if a current is present. This will help you to understand which function is not working.

Wireless printers sometimes have an error where they cannot pick up the connection from the router. This is often a software problem but could also be the programming inside the machine that stops it from connecting to your printer. If you are in a rush to get your documents printed you can use the USB cable it is supplied with.

Older printers would have been built with parts that are probably no longer available at present. They also don’t have the ability to connect wirelessly to different computers. All new printers come with an installation disc so that you can install the software on the computer. This software gives you the options to print in colour, on both sides of the page as well as other custom settings.

Fixing an old printer might not be entirely worth it. Models get updated on a yearly basis and the parts are not the same. When you take the machine to get it fixed they have to get the parts specifically for that particular model which may cost more than the printer. The best thing to do is to sell the machine and get a new or refurbished printer.

In the end, getting a more recent model could be beneficial. It would have more settings and could be faster in the printing process. While have repairing an old printer could cost you a few parts, but it could extend the life of the machine.