From time to time you may experience that your printer refuses to work, whether it’s in the office or at home. There are many possible causes for your printer problems. The first step would be to figure out what it could be and start the troubleshoot function.

Sometimes you may not be able to connect to the electrical appliance. This could be due to various problems which include the Wi-Fi not being connected or the driver not being installed. To check if the printer is still responsive, connect it to your computer via the USB cable.

The most common problem is the ink levels. There will always be an indicator which reminds you that the ink levels are running low. Most printers have a screen that shows ink levels. Although the ink level is low, you may still be able to do a couple more print jobs. You only need to replace the empty ink cartridges when it states that it has run out of ink completely. At this stage, do not force printing as it could damage the printer.

Slow printers could also be caused by many factors. This usually has to do with what you intend to print on the paper. High quality images require time to print all the detail on the page. There might also be the chance that your printer is not using a Printer Control Language (PCL) driver. This might not be a major problem with the printer itself but it is always good to know how to improve your experience.

The cursed printer jam is always the most annoying problem. This isn’t as big a problem as it was many years ago but it still gets the better of us when it happens. This is usually the cause of torn or crumpled up paper. The modern printer might not accept a damaged page because of the smart technology that is able to recognise it. Alternatively, the problem could simply be due to misaligned paper.

If the multifunction machine won’t scan it could be due to the driver set up or the hardware could be corrupted. The driver error can usually be fixed if you reinstall the printer on your PC. A hardware problem may require a technician to repair it.

If you don’t know what the problem could be after troubleshooting and checking for jams, then there may be an internal problem. Many people who deal with copiers and printers or technology buffs will be able to figure out what the problem could be. They would be able to fix the problem with the help of the correct equipment.