If you have a business that specialises in designing then you probably need to print images of your spectacular designs to show clients or for presentation purposes. Therefore you would require a professional quality printer. The reason why a design company needs such an impressive printer is because of all the colours that need to be shown and the amount of detail that has to go on a single page.

If your design business does a lot of printing because it is a big part of what you do then the best type of printer to get would be an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers produce higher quality images and artwork that create a sharper and more detailed image.

Firstly, you have to make sure that the printer has individual cartridges or tanks for each separate colour to avoid a nasty situation. Some cartridges have three colours in one and often result in bleeding and clogging. Damaged artwork is a waste of time and money especially if there was a way to prevent it.

You have to keep in mind that ink can be quite expensive when it comes to printing detailed artwork. Choosing a printer that uses economic ink cartridges that will allow you to print more pages will help you to reduce your expenses.

Dye based inks or pigmented inks might be one of your more difficult choices when considering a printer for your design business. Dye based inks tend to be cheaper and their colours pop out much brighter. They do, however, fade quicker than pigmented inks. You also won’t be able to change between the two types of ink if you are not satisfied because some printers are not compatible with such changes.

What size paper will you need to be printing on? This is also another important factor to think about because. Depending on your business model you may require to print different sizes. If you are printing billboard signs or anything that goes on an exterior wall, you will need to make sure you find the correct size and type of paper. You will also have to consider a printer that uses pigmented inks so that the image lasts longer. The size of the paper also determines how quickly ink gets used and the time it takes to be printed.

When you are looking for a printer for your design business, think about all the factors mentioned above. Whether you are considering a refurbished printer or brand new one, you can always make the machine work for you provided you know exactly what you want.